What’s the cost to repair/replace my roof, siding, or gutters?

Naturally, it depends on several factors as to what repairing/replacing a roof, siding, or gutters will cost. Aside from varying throughout the busy and slow times of the year, the size, roof pitch (angle), materials used, and complexity of the roof, siding, or gutters are all factors that will affect how much your project will cost. Click here for more information or call us at 208-240-2593 for a free estimate.

How do I file an insurance claim?

We understand that insurance can be a confusing thing, but don’t worry, we have plenty of experience. Call us or click here for more information.

My roof is leaking! What do I do?!

Call us and let us know you have a leak. We typically respond quickly and tarp the areas that are leaking and get you a quote to fix the damaged areas.

What types of materials can I choose from for my roof?

The most common roofing material you see in Idaho is the asphalt shingle. Some other common options for roofing materials are wood shakes, metal, and gravel. Click here for more information.

Is metal or asphalt cheaper?

Naturally, each type of material offers different benefits, and most decide based on price and preference in the look of the material. Click here for more information.

What types of siding can I choose from?

Siding comes in several different types of materials and styles. Click here for more information.