We offer full inspections on TPO and EPDM roofs to verify their condition and help forecast when repairs will be needed on the roof.

We probe all the seams to ensure there aren’t any voids, and if there are voids, we bring them to your attention. Following approval, we patch them for you or repair them as needed per your roofs current wear conditions. We check all caulked seals and/or joints and bring to your attention possible leak points found on the roof as well as any general cracking, which we will also bring those to your attention as well. 

We ensure all vertical walls are still glued and in good shape and all AC/utility penetrations aren’t leaking and if they might be we bring them to your attention. 

This maintenance check is for the sole purpose of understanding the age and condition of your roof from a professional stand-point to help companies budget for their roof repairs as they become needed.

If you need your commercial roof inspected, call us at 208-240-2593.