What type of siding should I get?

The short answer is that we perform all types of siding!!!

We at CCXteriors do a lot of vinyl siding. It is the most common in our area; however, we have done metal boxed siding and continuous metal siding as well as LP board and batten siding. We have even done custom steel siding as accents and whole houses. 

Siding is super custom. Colors and styles are all your choice! We want to create what you have in your mind. So being specific when asking for the details helps us conceive what you have in mind for your perfect siding project. 

Siding is often able to be installed over many surfaces, most commonly wood. Siding comes in all types of shapes and sizes: From shake, dutch lap patterns, and straight lap patterns to board and batten patterns. Again, colors, shapes and styles are all your option. 

Along with what is pre-fabricated in the siding world, we also offer custom bent metal for those areas where siding is harder to create. Wrapping pillars and architectural design aspects to keep the trim styles and shapes that you love on your house.

Can you color match my siding?

Siding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. More commonly found in Pocatello and Southeast Idaho is vinyl siding, which is made primarily in three different styles: Vertical, horizontal, and shake. 

To illustrate the differences, we have included some pictures of each below:

Vertical board and batton.

Vinyl shakes

Horizontal, which comes in straight lap and dutch lap (picture of big red shed, top is board and batton / bottom is horizontal dutch lap) 

When it comes to siding, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from within each style. We’ve also included the colors for shutters, since they are a common accent to siding. See the pictures below.


Each of these styles offers some variations, which is why we thought you might want to know more about this.

Vinyl horizontal siding comes in straight, double lap, and dutch lap styles. Typically both are found in an 8″ tall panel and 12′ long.

Vertical siding is usually found in a board and batten pattern and is usually about 6-7″ in exposed surface,

vinyl shake varies so much with different manufacturers and colors with each that you would need to contact a supplier and go look at them but maybe you can show pictures.

There is also hardy board siding which is a paint grade concrete composite material which resembles usually a wood grain appearance, you can find this in horizontal lap patterns as well as board and batten styles of all shapes and sizes as well as shake styles as well.

There is also a material called LP siding that is very similar to hardy board siding and is also paint grade and is usually installed in the same patterns.

Then of course you have your seamless metal siding, which is less common but is a quite expensive and nice metal siding application and then metal boxed siding which are often confused by each other for seamless because the seams are so small.

Metal boxed siding is sold in 12′ lengths and you can buy it in shake styles and lap patterns similar to vinyl and vertical to match more of a board and batten installation.

Then there is custom metal siding that is quite a lot of money and lasts a very long time we usually see this in commercial buildings and it is also found on many homes as accent pieces to add variety to a surface of a home custom metal siding is created to order specified by the client and then installed in a workmanlike manner in a way that weather proofs a surface this can be as extravagant as the metal installed on the symphony opera house or as simple as flat metal screwed to a vertical surface.