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CCXteriors means peace of mind for you and your family! Everything you care about resides within the walls of your home, and yet many people don’t realize the importance of a well maintained and trouble-free roof, gutters, and siding. By prioritizing and maintaining your most valuable asset, you can rest easy knowing your home is being protected from weather, rot, insects, and critters, and your family remains safe and comfortable. It can be very distressing or even scary to see leaks appearing on the ceiling, discover foundation damage, wood rot, or encounter increasing mold or mildew within the home. Not to mention the resulting hassle and frustration of a major repair! For example, in the case of a roof failure, drywall and insulation will need to be replaced, and texture and paint reapplied, as well as possibly requiring the removal or replacement of fixtures, furniture and cabinetry. The cost to your family financially, as well as the inconvenience to you and your loved ones can be astronomical. Another serious consideration is that some people are very sensitive to mold exposure and can experience significant health effects from perhaps unknowingly being exposed to different types of mold or mildew that can develop in a home. These effects, including respiratory symptoms, can cause great harm, especially when people are not aware of the cause, or even that they are being exposed. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent these occurrences and minimize the negative impact of these and other issues if they have already occurred. Contacting a licensed roofing contractor from a reputable roofing company is the first step! We live and work in Pocatello, Idaho, and at CCXteriors, we understand the unique weather conditions and requirements of this part of the country. We stand confidently behind the high quality of the products we offer and the skill of our experienced and licensed, local roofing contractors. If you need a roofing contractor, Pocatello, Idaho is our base, but we service all surrounding areas as well. It’s clear that a well-maintained roof is essential to protecting your home, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the siding and gutters. Damaged, aged, or incorrectly installed siding or gutters can also cause significant damage to your home if not addressed in a timely manner. Our licensed roofing contractors are experienced and highly qualified to help you assess the condition of your siding and gutters and provide solutions that include repair, updating and replacing your siding and gutters. If you have any concerns about the exterior of your home or are seeing telltale signs of wear in any of these areas, please contact your roofing in Pocatello experts at CCXteriors. Our licensed contractors and siding technicians can help you assess your homes needs, and will help you protect against the particular climate and winter storms of southeast Idaho. You will be amazed at how much replacing or updating your roof, gutters or siding, beautifies your home as well! Our customers choose from a wide variety of high quality products and materials to achieve the look they want. The difference it makes will surprise you! A new roof, siding, and gutters will add a great deal of beauty, value, and security to your most important asset.

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We at CCXteriors believe in a professional, quality experience when protecting your home.  We are eager to serve you here in Pocatello and other surrounding areas!




We build trust one roof at a time. Full service roofing for all types, sizes, and pitches. Services include: Asphalt, Metal, TPO, EPDM, Tar and Ballast, Tile, and Wood Shakes.

CCXteriors is trusted in our community, and we have built that excellent reputation one roof at a time. We offer full-service roofing for all types, sizes, and pitches. Our services include: Asphalt, Metal, TPO, EPDM, Tar and Ballast, Tile, and Wood Shakes. Whether you already know what you want, or you would prefer an expert to help you navigate the options easily, we can help! Perhaps you aren’t sure that you need a roofing contractor for a whole new roof replacement. As Pocatello roofers, we understand you have a budget and truly value the trust you place in us as we help you make an informed decision. We know that the trust our community gives us must be earned at each and every consultation! Our expert licensed roofing contractors work with each homeowner, understanding and assessing their specific needs, to help them make informed decisions about their properties. Perhaps a repair is needed, or perhaps a new roof will be required but it can safely be postponed until a more convenient time. Perhaps the time has come to update your roof, but you aren’t sure what type of roof will be best for your home or business. Whatever your roofing needs are, CCXteriors is ready to assist you by providing the best in customer service, products, and services. When it comes to roofing in Pocatello, you know who to trust!



Choice is what life is all about, your house should reflect who you are. Wrap your home in any type of siding: True Wood, Hardy side, Vinyl, Seamless metal, Stucco, Brick, you name it.

Your house should be a reflection of who you are, and the siding you choose is a big part of the image or personality your home presents to the world. There are many high quality options available to you such as True Wood, Hardy side, Vinyl, Seamless metal, Stucco, and Brick. When you are deciding what to wrap your home in, there are many things to consider such as durability, the amount of maintenance required, cost, and appearance. In an established home, perhaps you are wondering if your current siding is still protecting your home from moisture as it was intended to do. Or maybe you are thinking about your pocketbook or the hassle of upkeep, and you are wondering if it’s time for something more energy efficient and low maintenance. These are all valid concerns and good reasons to consider new siding. If you see signs of age or wear in your current siding, discover mold or mildew within your home, or see cracks or even holes in your siding (from hail or any other cause), it may be time to consider replacing your siding. It’s important to remember that your siding is intended to protect your home against all kinds of weather, especially moisture that will eventually result in mold and rot. Your siding also is an important barrier to insects and rodents, and the various types of damage and inconvenience they can cause. If your siding is in disrepair, call your trusted Pocatello roofing company for an expert who can help you assess the condition of your current siding. Our licensed contractors can spot potential trouble, and offer you options that meet your needs. If you choose to upgrade your current siding, you will also be upgrading the look of your property. We offer expert installation of siding in a variety of materials, colors, and options that will accommodate all preferences. You’ll love the results and be amazed by the transformation!



Nobody likes having their hard earned landscaping get washed away by pouring down rain! Our gutters protect you from the weather. From Industrial to Specialty Residential gutters or drainage systems, we can install and repair them all.

We install or repair all types of gutters from industrial to specialty residential gutters and drainage systems. As licensed roofing contractors and experts with years of experience, we can help you determine the cause of any problems, and find the right solution for your home or business. For new builds, avoid future headaches, and let us do it right the first time! Are your gutters and drainage system working efficiently? Gutters have a very important role to play in protecting your property. Their job is to direct the flow of precipitation away from the home or facility’s roof, windows and siding, as well as your valuable landscaping and the foundation of the property. A poorly functioning gutter (due to clogs, age, or damage), will not be able to offer this protection. You will quickly see expensive landscaping washed away, and if not addressed, there is ongoing potential for mold, rot around the windows, damage to siding, and even erosion around the foundation, which can result in significant damage. There are many factors that determine the life of your gutters including what material they are made of (galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, etc.), how well they were maintained, and how they were installed originally. If you see overflowing gutters and pooling water, or small splits or larger cracks in the gutters themselves, it’s time to get them assessed. Another sign is rust, which is evidenced by orange coloring which can be seen around seams or joints. This is due to the aging of a certain type of gutter made of galvanized steel, resulting in the rust prevention coating coming off. Worse yet, if you notice sagging or leaning gutters, or gutters that are coming loose from the home, it is definitely time to call your local contractors at CCxteriors.


  • Jared C.
    On the very day of a strong windstorm, several of my shingles had blown off leaving my roof uncovered.  I gave Cody a call and on that very day, only a few hours later, He called me back to let me know that he had already been up on my roof and repaired it!  My worry was over!
    Jared C.
  • April K.

    "Cody and his crew were polite, and easy to communicate with. Meticulous about clean up and follow up. Did a great job."

    April K.
  • Bob M.
    "I cannot find adequate words to express my complete and total satisfaction w/ the work of Cody and his crew!!! In less than 48 hours, they fully stripped my very high, steep, complex ancient roof ... and then installed appropriate decking, ice dams, modern vents, vapor barrier, and shingles, ... and left my property SPOTLESS! The craftsmanship is flawless! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it happen..."
    Bob M.
  • David B.
    "Cody quickly responded to my inquiry and kept to his timeline. He provided an accurate estimate and the work was done on time in a professional manner. I would highly recommend Cody Clinger Roofing."
    David B.
  • Gary D.
    "Good contractor. Will recommend to my friends and neighbors."
    Gary D.
  • Jack R.
    "Very knowledgeable, answers all questions, great customer service."
    Jack R.
  • Jerre W.
    "He went above and beyond what was expected. the original roof was metal and I wanted the appearance to remain the same and Cody found exactly what was needed and I couldn't be happier."
    Jerre W.
  • Margo T.
    "Cody was very informative during the cost review and very professional."
    Margo T.
  • Paul M.
    "Cody Clinger and his crew were great to work with! They were all polite, respectful and eager to please. They did a great job of tear-off and cleanup of two asphalt shingle layers on my two story house..."
    Paul M.
  • Roy L.
    "Cody was young energetic and very professional. His initial bid was close and his work is a line over the top. I would recommend him highly."
    Roy L.
  • Shelly S.
    "Cody is amazing! Very personable, prompt, knowledgeable and reliable. I would highly recommend him and plan to use his company again."
    Shelly S.
  • Tim S.
    "Cody worked with my schedule and was very nice to work with. He took care of all of my concerns and the roof looks great. Other than a few nails left behind on the driveway and ground everything was perfect. I would certainly call back again or recommend."
    Tim S.